Thematic Operations in Standard Arabic, Palestinian Arabic and Hebrew



Proceedings of IATL 22

Different thematic realizations of the same concept (e.g. passive, unaccusative, reflexive, reciprocal) are assumed to be derived from the same basic entry via thematic arity (valence changing) operations. The cross-linguistic variation in deriving new predicates via arity operations, is accounted for by the Lex(icon)-Syn(tax) Parameter (Reinhart & Siloni 2005), according to which UG allows arity operations to apply in the lexicon or in the syntax. Reinhart and Siloni (2005) show a cluster of semantic-syntactic properties that result from this parameter. I argue that the Lex-Syn parameter has a morpho-phonological manifestation as well. Based on the Stem Modification approach (Steriade 1988, McCarthy & Prince 1990, Bat-El 1994), I examine the morpho-phonological alternations within the verbal systems of Modern Standard Arabic, Palestinian Arabic and Modern Hebrew. I show that syntactic and lexical operations differ with regard to three morpho-phonological properties: intrusivness of the morpho-phonological process, directionality and predictability.

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