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Proceedings of IATL 22
Table of Contents

Julia Adler, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Lexical semantics and information structure: Alternations with German verbs of transfer

Artemis Alexiadou and Florian Schäfer, University of Stuttgart
Towards a typology of instrument subjects

Irena Botwinik-Rotem, Tel Aviv University
Why are they different: A case study of Hebrew locative PPs

Stanley Dubinsky, University of South Carolina
Parasitic gaps in restrictive and appositive clauses
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Martin Everaert, Utrecht University
The partitioning of anaphoric dependencies

Itamar Francez, Stanford University
Semantic structure and argument realization in (mostly Hebrew) existentials
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Ion Giurgea, Université Paris VII "Denis Diderot"
Split DP topicalization and the role of interfaces
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Adele Goldberg, Princeton University
Constructions and the nature of generalization in language

Yael Greenberg, Bar-Ilan University
The semantics / pragmatics of still in the analysis of the Hebrew beodo construction

Elena Herburger and Simon Mauck, Georgetown University
A semantic account of the 'conjunctive' reading of "or" in conditionals

David Hron, Tel Aviv University
On the derivation of reflexive nouns: The case of Czech
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Hamutal Kreiner, University of Glasgow, Patrick Sturt, University of Edinburgh, and Simon Garrod, University of Glasgow
The time course of lexical vs. stereotypical gender processing in reference resolution: Evidence from eye-movement

Lior Laks, Tel Aviv University
Morpho-phonology and the lexicon-syntax interface: Thematic operations in Standard Arabic, Palestinian Arabic and Hebrew
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Aya Meltzer, Tel Aviv University
Adjectival passives and adjectival decausatives in Hebrew
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Omer Preminger, Tel Aviv University/MIT
Nested Interrogatives and the Locus of wh
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Tanya Reinhart, Tel Aviv University and Utrecht University
The processing cost of implicatures

Chris H. Reintges, Leiden University
A syntactic derivation of eventive and stative passives: New evidence from Old Egyptian

Eytan Zweig, New York University
The plurality of bare plurals
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