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Proceedings of IATL 20
Table of Contents

Emmanuel Aïm, Université Paris 7 and Université d'Orléans
Aramaic and Hebrew Metathesis
[abstract]   [paper]

Outi Bat-El, Tel Aviv University
The Emergence of the Binary Trochaic Foot in Hebrew Hypocoristics
[abstract]   [paper]

Irena Botwinik-Rotem, Tel-Aviv University
Externalization in Hebrew and English Object Gap Constructions
[abstract]   [paper]

Hana Filip, SRI-Discern and Stanford University
invited speaker
Measure Verbal Prefixes and Non-Specific Indefinites

Na'ama Friedmann, Tel Aviv University
The Acquisition of Hebrew Unaccusatives: Young Children and A-Chains
[abstract]   [paper]

Galina Gordishevsky & Jeannette Schaeffer, Ben Gurion University
On the Relation between Case and Number in Early Child Language
[abstract]   [paper]

Alex Grosu, Tel Aviv University, & Manfred Krifka, Humboldt University
Argumental Relative Constructions with a Postcopular Gap

Galia Hatav, University of Florida
Syntactic and Semantic Tense Shift

Idan Landau, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Chain Resolution in Hebrew V(P)-fronting
[abstract]   [paper]

Jean Lowenstamm, Université Paris 7
On the Universality of Root and Template Organization

Susan Rothstein, Bar-Ilan University
Two Puzzles for a Theory of Lexical Aspect: Semelfactives and Degree Achievements

Tal Siloni, Tel-Aviv University
Garden Path: Illicit Movement

Gabriella Toth, University of Szeged
Inner Aspect and Negation: The Internal Structure of VP

Dafna Yitzhaki, Bar-Ilan University
The Semantics of Lexical Aspect in Modern Hebrew
[abstract]   [paper]

Draga Zec, Cornell University
invited speaker
On the Prosodic Status of Function Words

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